Life Force for Immunity


Life Force is the most powerful and effective contributor toward good health that has ever existed.. It is the source of energy and nerve power. It gives life to our cells and to the enzymes in our body.
Every atom of our bodies is filled with electricity or life force to some degree. These atoms are composed of electrons and protons, which are negatively and positively charged particles. The greater the force, charge or voltage of each atom, the more power it can generate to feed the life of each cell. The cell itself can be so charged with life force that it can become radiant light. It is the light that repels disease. Light is life. It is energy in its purest form. The greater the power flowing, the more one is able to think clearly and accurately. When this energy flows in full force through the nerve channels  and emotional body, it is easier to remain positive in the feelings. Charismatic qualities of happiness and joy surface more readily. And when this life force flows through every cell of the body, we ward off disease, handle stress effectively, stay healthy and ultimately slow down the aging process.

The Life Force is dissipated or destroyed by drugs, negative emotions and dead foods. Foods that have been cooked, frozen, canned or processed have had the life force removed. Each time these dead or devitalized foods are consumed we are, in effect, “killing off” our energy, our aliveness, our health. And the process of aging speeds up

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