Follow Nature’s Own Remedy

Nature has healing powers
(vis medicatrix naturae)

Any good system of health care can be recognized by one characteristic: it teaches you how to listen to your body and how to become self-dependent in knowing what is good for you at every moment in time.

Health trouble begins when we doubt our body’s ability to make the right choices, and this is exactly what we have learned to do, almost right from the beginning of life.

Much of our natural instincts are subdued by man-made rules. They dictate to us our lifestyle, eating habits and times of eating, sleeping, and elimination of wastes.


“The laws of nature,
The truths of the universe,
The principles of science,
are just as certain,
as fixed and immutable in relation to health,
as they are in relation to all things else.”



If you were to build a house, wouldn’t you use a ruler of equal measure?
The current twelve month calendar is made of months of  unequal measure: 31 days, 28 or 29, 31 days, 30 days, 31 days, 30 days, 31 days, etc,.
More than 2000 years ago, Julius Caesar came up with the idea to gain more power and to change the Republic into an Empire. The result was the Julian calendar. In 1582 Pope Gregory XIII “reformed” the Julian calendar to give the conquered Indigenous people a new time.


History is the script written
by those who hold the power


If you have a crooked standard of measure, and follow it because your parents were also following it, isn’t it still crooked? Time is the atmosphere of the mind, a mentally perceived phenomenon. So, if you have a crooked or inaccurate measure of the time, you will create a crooked mind.


Change the calendar.
Change the mind.
Change the time.


Could it be we have lost touch with our roots, and by doing so lost touch with each other? Without a single unifying point there could be no way to bring together the people of distinct cultures and beliefs in peace.


The Thirteen Moon/
28 day calendar


 is a perpetual, harmonic calendar. It is called a Moon Calendar because  it is based on the female 28-day menstruation cycle, which is also the average lunar cycle.
In actuality the moon goes around the Earth thirteen times a year. This means that the 13 Moon calendar is genuine solar-lunar calendar which measures the Earth’s orbit around the sun by the lunar average of 28 days. The 13 perfect months of 28 days are 52 perfect weeks of 7 days.


28 x 13 = 364
52 x 7 = 364


The 365th day is called the Day Out of Time because it is no day of the week or month at all.

The synchronization, or new year’s date of the 13 Moon calendar  is July 26. This corresponds to the rising of the great star Sirius. This make the 13 Moon Calendar a tool for harmonizing ourselves  with the galaxy.

The mathematical perfection of the 13 Month Calendar can also be exhibited by the equation. Every month has 4 weeks: 4 x 7 = 28 or 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 =  28

There is no other calendar that even comes close in elegance and harmonic simplicity to the Thirteen Moon calendar. That is why it has been the choice calendar in the annals of calendar reform, from Benjamin Franklin to Eastman Kodak.


     13 Moons (Months)
x   28 days per moon (month)
364 days
+ 1 day. July 25. Day Out of Time (No day of the week or moon)
365 days in one year.


The 13 Months of 28-days is not a new idea. The Incas, Mayans, ancient Egyptians, Polynesians, and the Lakota peoples also used a 28-day count.

Use the calendar as you do the old one. Note the ease with which you can make day, date calculations. When you begin your annual planning according to this calendar, as well as managing your monthly budget, see how regular and easy it could be.


  1. Every moon (month) is exactly the same
  2. Days of the month and days of the week are perfectly harmonized
  3. Every month starts on a Sunday and ends on a Saturday
  4. Your birthday will always be the same day of the week every year!

This is what we mean by harmonic standard

Our ancestors were masters of “right timing”. Their heightened sensory abilities, perceptiveness, and exact observations of the phenomena in the natural world made them aware of the following points:


Secrets of the Lunar Cycles

It is no longer a myth that the moon has a strong influence on both the human being and nature as a whole. Once you  have discovered the secrets of the lunar cycles and synchronized your life and activities with them, you will greatly benefit from this newly created harmony with the natural world.

In relation to the Earth, the moon passes through the following major phases:


New Moon

The moon revolves around the Earth  almost every 28 days. While the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun, we can no longer see it. This is called new moon. The new moon can be linked to the phase of exhalation in breathing when we eliminate toxic gases and waste products from the body. You can prevent many diseases by fasting for a day at this time because the body is more than ready to purify itself from accumulated toxins.

New moon also signifies a new beginning and if you wish to give up old habits like smoking or drinking alcohol, this is the best time. A sick tree when cut back during new moon can regain its health and vitality.



The Waxing Moon

Only a few hours after a new moon, we begin to see the appearance of its crescent in the sky. The journey to ful moon takes about 13 days. Whatever goodness and nourishment is given to the body during this time will be much more beneficial than at other times of the month. This also explains why fertility is much more pronounced  and more children are conceived  and born during this phase of the moon and at full moon. On the another hand it is very useful to know that when the moon increases, the body’s ability to heal after an injury or an operation decreases.



Full Moon

This is the time when the moon exhibits a strong influence on all planetary life forms. Sleep walking, excessive bleeding of wounds, greater potency of herbs collected during full moon night, an increase in the number of accidents and violent crime, and a higher birth rate, are all effects of lunar changes. Cutting trees during full moon can destroy them.


The waning moon

During the following 13 days the moon is gradually overshadowed again. The ancient civilizations knew that this is a good time to have an operation (if needed) as the healing capacity of the body is steadily growing. If possible, book your visit to the dentist during this phase as tooth fillings, crowns, or bridges are less likely to last if they are given during the waxing phase of the moon. Also pulling a tooth should only be performed during the waning moon. In addition, at this time physical activity requires less energy and meets with greater success. The digestive system also works more efficiently, even to the point that eating a little more than usual will not increase weight.

- Man’s Biological Cycle –
Nature is doing her best
each moment to make us well


“The Microcosm is as is the Macrocosm”. In other words, our body is the mirror of the universe. So let us take a closer look at what happens in our body during a 24-hour cycle.


Biological Cycle:

    • From 4am – 12am = Elimination (from toxic waste)
    • From 12am – 8 pm = appropriation (eating and digestion)
    • From 8pm – 4am = Assimilation (absorption and use)

In the phase  of elimination (4am – 12pm) we should consume light foods such as fruit and, a lot of water or herbal tea to help body to get rid of waste.


In the phase of absorption (12am – 8pm) we should eat. Lunch should be performed between 12am – 1pm as the digestive  powder is as its maximum. If you feel tired and sleepy after meal, this indicates that  your digestive power is too weak to digest the food properly. Instead of becoming energized and revitalized through eating, the body uses up its energy reserves to process the food and consequently remains with little energy for other forms of physical or mental activity. Reasons maybe one or more of the following:

  1. Your meal  is too heavy or consists of ill-combined food items.
  2. You are not getting enough sleep during the night.
  3. You are eating your lunch much later than one o’clock

Between 2pm – 6pm the body conducts the physical transport of food through the intestinal tract and is responsible for absorbing the nutrients as well as taking them to the various tissues of the body. This period is also conductive to efficient mental performance and study due to increased nerve and nerve cell activity.

It may also be useful to know  that going to the dentist in the afternoon is less painful than in the morning due to better neural performance. Malabsorption and problems of metabolism, on the other hand, become more apparent at this time. Increased irritability, nervousness, and cravings for sugary foods or other stimulants such as tea, coffee, cokes, chocolate, or cigarettes especially during the afternoon indicate that the body suffers from digestive problems and malnutrition.

Sunlight-energy drops considerably after 6pm. This also is the beginnig of the evening, which slows down digestion, metabolism, and physical and mental activities. The digestive enzymes, which follows the position  of the sun, sharply decreases with the onset of darkness and it is for this reason that it is recommended you eat only a light dinner, preferably at around 6pm. This gives you still enough time to digest before bedtime.


In the phase of assimilation (8pm – 4am) the most digestive enzymes are no longer produced. A late dinner therefore will not be properly digested and decomposes even while it is in the stomach. Also about 9 pm, immunity begins to fall as indicates by a sudden drop in the levels of endorphins and corticosteroids – the body’s weapons against inflammation.


During 10pm to 2am energy is mostly in charge of cleansing, rejuvenation, and rebuilding the physiology. Particularly the liver which produce bile at this time, which is needed to digest food, particularly fats, during the following day. On of the most important of its function is to synthesise proteins, the building blocks of cells, hormones, and blood constituents. This can only happen if you sleep during this time.

The most important processes of purification  and rejuvenation occur during the two hours of sleep before midnight. The physiological rest, which you gain during this hour of dreamless sleep, is at least three times deeper than what you can get during the sleep after midnight when oxygen consumption in the body rises again.


The time from 2am to 6am the body waste products move from the liver, the cells, the intestines, and all other areas of the body towards the organs and systems of detoxification and elimination.


“Early to bed and early to rise,
makes a man healthy,
wealthy, and wise”.

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