To those who might be as impatient as myself………………

My story started about four years ago, when the following heath problems had been diagnosed:

      1. Tumours on my thyroid glands
      2. Cyst on my right breast
      3. High blood sugar
      4. Obesity.

This news was not easy to digest by any means. My doctor recommended me to go for a biopsy, which I refused, however, when consulting another doctor he recommended to do so in case the tumours would grow rapidly. Being on a monthly control scheme, I was able to monitor any changes.

Then one day somebody recommended Deanka and since I thought I had to try everything possible to improve my state of health, I decided to make an appointment. She made me aware of what was leading to my physical condition and put me on a strict de-toxification programme in order to effect change.

I commenced cleaning my body from inside, which nobody before had ever explained to me. Okay, people are talking about diets but cleaning? For eight months I did bowl, parasite, liver and blood cleanse and, of course, I had to change my eating habits.

Deanka explained to me that I had to eat food according to my blood type, which was absolutely new for me. When she informed me what I was allowed to eat I was devastated. All my life I had been eating lots and lots of meat and now, all of a sudden, I had to stop, since A Blood type can only have small amounts from time to time and steaks and lamb had to be excluded from my menu from now on. I realized that I was my biggest enemy because eating the wrong things plus making wrong food combinations was leading to my current condition.

After 2 months following strictly the advice of Deanka, I started to feel better but I was still unhappy because I was expecting more, especially I was hoping to lose weight much more quickly. Again and again I remembered the words she said to me: “For 40 years you were putting poison in your body and now are you expecting to clean everything within two months?” Honestly, the beginning of the treatment was difficult, since I had to change ALL my habits. After eight months having my “on and offs” and complaining to Deanka many times, I started to feel and see major improvements, such as having more energy and loss of weight.

When I went for my regular check up the doctor was surprised to see that four out of my five tumours on the Thyroid gland had gone and the only one left had shrunk from 9 to 6 mm. The cyst on my right breast had disappeared as well. Maybe you can imagine how astonished the doctor was of course not to forget myself.

He was curious to find out what I was doing in order to achieve such results. After explaining everything to him in detail, he told me to continue with the programme, because the results were talking for itself.

Now I understood and had proof that everything Deanka had said to me was correct. I am aware that I still have a long way to go but I have changed into a very happy woman and for sure I will never go back to my old habits.

Finally, I understood when she said to me: “Everything you do for yourself will always show results.”

This letter is a Thank You for Deanka, without her help, strength, patience and mental support during tough periods I would not have succeeded.

Limassol, Cyprus.



Patient History.

Alan Burke. Male. Born in Derby, England 1931. Age 75. Retired Teacher/Engineer. Permanent resident in Cyprus.

Medical History.
Long history of lower back pain but no serious illnesses. Active lifestyle, mountaineering, skiing, hill running until 1996.
1996. Heart attack  at the age of 65.
1998. Triple byepass heart operation. Nicosia General Hospital.
2000. Total loss of use of right leg. Diagnosed as having a broken spinal disk which was pressing on the sciatic nerve. Operation to remove the disc completely successful.
Resumed active lifestyle, swimming, cycling and walking on daily basis.
2006. Steady deterioration in health after 74th. Birthday. Persistent pains in right shoulder and neck which a succession of sports therapists were unable to cure. Very poor sleep patterns with frequent  anxiety dreams. Daily cramps in both legs, poor circulation especially in the extremities, poor posture,lack of energy, poor digestion and irregular bowel movements. 

First visit to Deanka Kamilic June 2006. was a one hour interview. There was no charge for this. She said “I haven’t helped you yet !”
This was followed by a course of physiotherapy, stretching exercises and a diet and nutrition program. She recommended that I reduced or eliminated dairy products and wheat products, increased vegetable and fruit intake and made several changes to the order in which I ate, eg. No fruit after a meal only on an empty stomach. In addition she prescribed the following supplements to be taken daily. Chellated Magnesium. 1600mg. gPLC. 925mg. Ester C Plus 2000mg. VM Prime vitamen and mineral supplement. CoQ 10. 100mg. Arjuna. 2 capsules daily and Abana 4capsules daily. Later I had a detoxification program consisting of Liver, Kidney and Colon cleansing which she carefully monitored on a day to day basis. The immediate effects of this were an increase in energy and general alertness.

General Health.January,2007.
No shoulder pains, no cramps much improved circulation, erect posture, and a general feeling of well being.Excellent digestive system and I’m generally sleeping better. On a personal note. Deanka Kamilic has undoubtably improved my health  and life prospects enormously, I feel ten years younger, more mentally alert and confident and look forward to a much healthier future. Her high professional standards and natural gifts make her one of life’s great natural healers.

Alan Burke.
401 Kalia Court, Christou Oikonomidi St., Limassol, Cyprus.
Tel. 25581230.
E-mail. January,2007.



I recently – when 43 - suffered a hormonal disorder. The gynaecologist I consulted advised blood analysis to check the rates of hormones. Although I underwent an ultra sound examination, which revealed I was definitely very much swollen indeed, he did not want to consider but the results of the blood analysis, underlining that more than 40-year old women enter the “grey zone” and hormonal treatment is imperative. When he had the blood analysis results, he told me “I am a lost case” and hormonal treatment would be administered to me non-stop. Although I suffered extremely negative side-effects, he insisted on my taking hormones because otherwise my system “would turn to be a mess” according to the said gynaecologist.

I called Deanka who first of all gave me psychological support. Then she fixed my diet and administered herbal treatment, which she needed to change three times as she came closer to me and could therefore asses the results more accurately considering my responsiveness to the anticipated treatment and what I faced at that very moment in my personal and professional life. I was quite intimidated and I did not want to suspend the hormonal treatment administered by the doctor, thinking of what he had told me that my system “become a mess”. I was, therefore taking it for one year. Yet, Deanka explained to me how my problem was caused by an emotional shock and hormonal therapy does not definitely treat the cause of the problem but only the symptoms. She combined shiatsu, bio energy, detoxification program, and herbal treatment. After a three-month period of time my hormonal system was balanced.

My problem was the stress indeed and not any “grey or red or black or whatever zone”. Doctors are not God. Of course I suspended the hormonal treatment and trusted fully Deanka and Nature. I confirm that my system is not a lost case at all. What is lost is the one year during which I was taking hormones for nothing but the worst.

The drug mania nowadays is the most professional killer indeed!

The message I would like to send to all the women all over the world is not to consider medicine as the ideal solution to hormonal problems. Trust and love your female nature and never try to eliminate it by replacing it with artificial systems. Nature has its own rules and when they are not respected the price is very high for health.

Ana,  Cyprus



My name is Maria and I am 32
I always tried to eat healthy and exercise on a consistent basis.
Despite all my efforts my colons were bloated with difficulties in digestion.
Also my skin had regular breakouts.
When I met Dea I realized what I was doing wrong:

-       I was eating food that were poisonous for my system
-       I was making wrong food combinations
-       I was eating at wrong timing intervals

After the first meeting I had with Dea I was given all advices and direction about:

·       Eating all food that are beneficial for my blood type
·       Eating the right food combinations
·       Eating between correct time intervals
·       Kidneys cleansing
·       Parasite cleansing
·       Liver cleansing
·       Stomach & colon cleansing

Now one and a half months after our first meeting and following all Dea’s advices and cleansing programs along with her support and positive energy:

·       I have a flat stomach diagramming my abdominal muscles (all good work at gym shows now)
·       I have no digestion problems
·       I am full of good energy and positive feelings
·       I am healthy
·       I am confident about my body and skin
·       My skin feels different; it is radiant and clear
·       I have lost 2 kg. of fat that was gained from poisonous food

I am grateful to God for having met Dea in my life path, not only as a nutrition specialist but as a person.
It is a great experience that changed my life and I strongly recommend it.
My personal commitment is to follow both the nutrition advices and all cleansing programs in my daily regime

Maria, Cyprus



I had been suffering for years with a painful knee after an accident.  I visited numerous physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons for advice for improving the condition of my knee and to minimize the discomfort I had been feeling.  Unfortunately I now realise I wasted a lot of time and money.

The day I found Dea’s leaflet explaining the benefits of Mangetotherapy and what illnesses can be treated changed my life.   I called her the same day to arrange a consultation.   Initially I found it very strange as she asked me so many questions regarding my personal life, character and habits and was wondering what all these questions had to do with my knee.    I must have  looked so confused because she then explained the reasons behind her questioning.

After visiting her 2-3 times a week for two months the discomfort I was feeling in my knee disappeared.    She also explained the importance of detox  and I have carried out a detox for the liver, kidney, intestines and blood.  It was very difficult at first but now I have more energy, my bloated stomach disappeared and I am sleeping much better at night. 

I cannot thank her enough for all the help and good advice she has given to me and I highly recommend her to everyone I meet.

Elena, Cyprus



I was suffering from strong  migraines for a long time during which  I consulted many doctors with different specializations but without result. I was informed about Dea Kamilic (NATUROPATHIC KINESIOLOGY CENTER) and decided to try her out.  I started following her dietary advice based in blood group along with her treatment and for the first time I had positive results. The migraines stopped and now I just feel wonderful. Thanks Dea.

Natasa Droushiotou,
Limassol, Cyprus



When I found out that I had a cist on my liver, of size 2.5cm x 4.5cm, which doctors claimed could not be cured, except with surgery, I was terrified. My doctor recommended regular check-ups, in order to keep track of the cist’s growth. I couldn’t come to terms with the helplessness of this diagnosis, and so I turned to alternative medicine for help. Following a three month treatment designed by Deanka Kamilic, my next ultrasound check-up found the size of the cist to be dramatically reduced to 1cm x 1.5cm. I also no longer feel the related back-pain which was present prior to treatment. I am very grateful for this result, and I would wholeheartedly recommend her method to anybody!

Milena Nikolic
Limassol, Cyprus



I met Dea about 10 years ago at a time when I was not careful at all with my eating habits and my way of living. In fact, I was what one would call a victim of the “Mc Donalisation” of our society! It was only recently, about 3 to 4 years ago that I had a major turnaround, sat down and decided to put my life and priorities into perspective. I basically understood over the time that if I wanted to have a healthy and happy life , that was entirely up to me and nobody else.

I started by reading Dea´s book and soon realized that things are not as complicated and it´s in fact a matter of will to start implementing them in our everyday life. I started, under Dea´s guidance, by following the Blood Type diet. I must admit that I am still not 100% in it, but at least I do my best to avoid all the harmful foods that my system does not digest easily and turns into poisonous substances. Then, little by little this became a daily habit.

Then, we continued with detoxification procedures of different organs of the body in order of course to free the body from all that poisonous “crub” that I had been feeding it with all those years. I must admit that I have always been a positive thinker and so I did not have much difficulty into accepting some changes in my life and in my eating habits. I followed different programs (some even simultaneously) that dealt with liver/bladder cleanse, blood cleansing, parasite killing and lung cleansing. The most important thing for me is that whatever method Dea used, it only involved natural ingredients and herbs. Afterall, nature has been for years the best healer of all. I saw tremendous change in several aspects of my life. First of all, I no longer suffer from backaches (which was for years a problem taken into account that I have a double scoliosis problem). Furthermore, I digest food much easier, I have almost eliminated stress from my life and fatigue is no longer an issue. It is very difficult to describe in writing the changes I have felt because they are so many and they work like a chain. But above all, I believe the most important thing is this inner self satisfaction feeling that I get when I see that I let myself been healed by nature and not by some doctor or surgeon or magic pill. I do respect and admire the Medical Science and I do believe that what a doctor does is not a profession is a life commitment. But unfortunately, doctors are not concerned with the root of the problem, the real reasons of suffering, they only deal with the outcome and for that they are obliged to use in most cases antibiotics, pills and all sort of chemical substances.

I do believe that I have reached a point in my life where I can truly say that I am healthy, I am happy, full of energy and life. And, most importantly I know why. I trusted Dea and it paid off to its maximum. She has given me the knowledge and helped me find the inner strenghth to think clearly and see my priorities. The rest, I guess, is up to me……………………..

Lenna Ioanidou, Cyprus


I had suffered acute low back pain for half-year period. When I went to see the doctor first time, he prescribed me the anti-inflammatory drugs, which helped, but after 2 months the back pain started again. I went to doctor again and was prescribed the same medication. Taking these tablets caused weakness, nausea, heartburn and stomach pain. So I had to face severe side effects having only short relieves and absolutely no guaranty that the pain will not come again.

When the pain had become worse once again one of my friends advised me to call to Naturopathic Kinesiology Center to doctor Deanka Kamilic. On my first consultation I was amazed when doctor Deanka Kamilic told me why this inflammation had occurred and reoccurred again. No one had tried to find out the causes of this pain before, I had been told that it was just inflammation from “nowhere”; that is all. My first séance of the therapy was very painful, both the massage and electromagnetic therapy, and the next day I felt terribly exhausted.   But with each next therapy I felt better and better. I can say that the pain is almost gone now. But, what is more, this treatment helped me to reduce the frequency and intensiveness of my migraines, which I have had for many years. Also I have noticed that my digestion system is improving. I had troubles of constipations, especially after taking anti-inflammatory medicaments.

Now my condition has improved. I am trying to follow the diet, that doctor Deanka Kamilic advised, and I am preparing for the liver cleansing. As the conclusion I must say that these methods of treatment differ from those I had before by systematic approach considering the whole body as the one complex indivisible balanced system. You can not and must not cure one part of the body damaging another at the same time. Every treatment must be constructive for the whole system.

Natalia, Ukraine


I had a constipation since I remember and I am forty five years old now. I searched for doctor's advises and I tried lots of  medicines and herbs but nothing worked..

It was one day when I heard about Dea. Though, I had no hope for improvement I decided to call her.
She explained what should I change in my diet and  strongly suggested to undergo detoxification program.
I was very confused at the beginning as her approach was very different from  what I experienced before but I followed everything she suggested.

When I just  started detox I suffered from unbearable pain in my bowels and genital organs.I was in  fear and I called Dea and she immediately suggested what to  do. Two hours later I went to the toilet and something like a cannon ball came out of me .It was black and very hard ..I felt relieved and realized that something which prevented me going to toilet for all those years is gone now.

In three months time I was cured .
I feel so great that I still  can not believe that my nightmare has gone.
I feel so  thankful to Dea for bringing me back to a normal life...

Michael, Cyprus.


I have been suffering from lower back pain last six years. There were periods when I was feeling better and periods when I could neither move nor sit.
In January 2006 one morning I could not get up from my bed out of a sharp pain in my spine . No need to explain how could feel a young woman forced to stay in bed, screaming out of pain and being unable to serve herself…I searched for an official doctor’s advise and was suggested to take anti-inflammatory medicines, antibiotics and also I underwent a course of laser acupuncture. Unfortunately, in three months period of time I felt no improvement. Moreover, taking anti-inflammatory drugs for such a long period of time affected my white blood cells and stomach…To say that I was feeling depressed is to say nothing. I was feeling really confused and lost. I think only my stubbornness and faith still kept me from going completely down and my prayers were heard. God sent me Deanka. She did magic and in one-week time I felt much better. Her hands and magnetic therapy really helped me. I started getting back to normal life.To say that I was feeling happier is to say nothing. I was flying!
The story does not end here. I fully trust my rescuer, my Deanka, and I am going to continue with detoxification program which she suggested to me. I am sure it will lead me to a better, healthier and happier life!

Ana, Moscow



My name is Jana, and I am 31 years old.

Untill my pregnancy I have never had problems with my weight, but after giving birth, I started gaining weight, caused by stress which was due to obligations and a new way of life.
My weight increased 50 kg. for 5 years.

I felt very bad, I had strong pain in my spine and my knees, my feet and my fists were swelling, which I hardly moved, and which sometimes made me wake up at night. Doctors diagnosed me with allergic asthma from which I had suffocating and I was addicted to antihistaminics.

I felt constant exhaustion, with no difference if I am waking up in the morning or going to bed at night. Immovability, sleepiness, depression and dissatisfaction became my way of life. I tried to refer to nutritionists but it was a big failure, because after losing 10-15 kg. I gained 20 kg. in a much shorter period which was making my condition even worse.
Untill one moment when I refered  to Deanka, and with her help my life has changed In a short time. With a great psychological support, in the very beginning of our conversation, she explained how to start a detoxification program and a cleansing of the organism. I realized that nothing is lost because my guiding star has appeared. In 2 months I had my organism cleansing program, liver, kidney and colon cleansing. She taught me how to eat by my blood type.
For this period I have lost 18 kg. and I feel new-born. The depression, the pain, the suffocating and the exhaustion were gone.I am satisfied and full of positive energy.

When I first met her, she told me: “This is not only a program for losing weight, this should be your way of life! ”
I am trying to conscientiously keep the program going and I would recommend it to all of my friends, because for me, this is the only right way for healing.

It is a Gods gift to have Deanka in your nearness as a curer and as well as a greatest friend!


My name is Andreas Constantinou and I am 42.

Over the last 24 years, I have been suffering from acme and facial flushing. My skin was constantly hot and the situation became worse and worse when I was out in the sun or when I entered in a room, where central heating was on. Therefore, this problem caused a negative psychological impact on me and I was constantly stressed.

The medical consultation I had throughout this time, since the dermatologists did not eventually manage my problem. Instead, the dermatologists’ treatments caused my situation to impair.

I was administered various medication / medical preparations like:
Soaps, lotions, face creams
Pills (ro-accutane, antibiotics, vitamins etc)

Further to the above, I was a vegetarian for many years without any eventual outcome.

Lastly I had recourse to alternative solutions like homeopathy, acupuncture etc., but again no improvement has been observed.

Several months ago I heard about the Naturopathic Kinesiology Centre. I went there for consultation and I was then told that my problem was due to a bad diet and that there were many toxins, which my body needed to get rid of.

I was precisely administered the following natural treatment:
1. To follow a diet on the basis of my blood group
2. Blood parasite cleanse
3. Liver cleansing

I followed the above-mentioned program and I noticed a significant change. I got rid of the facial flushing and the redness. Acme almost disappeared while my psychological status improved enormously as well as my overall wellbeing. I can therefore do things I could not before.

My diet based on my blood group has since then become a lifestyle for me and from time to time I go through cleanse processes. I have noticed that whenever I do not follow the right diet, the problem comes back though milder.

I wish to thank the Naturopathic Kinesiology Centre for helping me and I recommend it unconditionally to all those patients who have not yet found any solution to their health problem to go there on consultation.


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