70% Alkaline-Forming and 30% Acid-Forming Food Ratio


Nature demands that the body remain more on the Alkaline side, rather than on the Acid side, in order to maintain good health. One’s blood should always be slightly alkaline with about 7.4 pH in chemical reaction. Every metabolic function depends upon this delicate balance of pH. So, all foods are not nutritious. You must learn which food is of highest nutritious  for value to you. Knowing that raw food is the best nutritional value, it is suggested that approximately 70% of what you consume on a daily basis should be raw foods.

If the pH begins to drop, and the alkaline mineral supply is low, then the body is forced to extract the needed minerals from everywhere it can get them:

  1. If the body takes potassium from the heart, then heart diseases can develop.
  2. If it removes minerals from the liver, then hundreds of problems can occur, including cancer.
  3. If it takes it from the bones, then osteoporosis and arthritis  can occur, etc.

Thus, if the blood pH is not slightly alkaline (7.4), the body will become sick. This is primarily caused of too much acid forming foods. Most  of the foods consumed by most people in advanced countries are highly acid forming, which means that they congest blood vessels and connective tissues and deplete the body’s vitamins and minerals. These foods include most dairy products, excessive meat intake and its products, tinned or frozen foods, white bread, white sugar, alcoholic beverages, diet drinks, soft drinks, packed fruit juices, preserved foods, processed breakfast cereals, chocolate, ready-made cakes, crisps, and other junk foods.

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