How People Make Themselves And Their Children Sick


Food is not simply something one puts in the mouth, chews and swallows. Food should not deplete or rob the body of its needed essence or harm it in any way. Dead or dying foods take an enormous toll on the body. Consider these facts about acid-forming foods:

    • They have been depleted of many vitamins
    • They create toxins
    • They drain the life force from the body
    • They destroy the constructive bacteria in the intestines
    • They poison the bloodstream, thereby feeding disease
    • They clog the body’s lymph system
    • They drain the body’s enzyme reserve
    • They overwork and clog the elimination systems
    • They strain the glandular system
    • They overwork the digestive system
    • They cause stress, congestion and mucus
    • They produce the ideal environment for parasites


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