Proper food combination


Proper food combination is based on the discovery that certain combinations of food may be digested with greater  ease and efficiency than others.

It is not good to mix protein
(e.g. meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cheese)
with a starch (e.g. potato, rice, noodles, toast, bread)

It is not good to mix a protein
(e.g. meat) with another protein (e.g. cheese)

But a starch (e.g. croutons)
can be mixed with another starch (e.g. potato)

1. Let us explain meat and potatoes, because this is something that probably everyone has eaten at one time or another. So, you eat your steak. Once in the stomach, this concentrated  protein requires a particular digestive juice to break it down – an acid juice. At the same time you have a baked potato. The digestive juice necessary to break this concentrated starch  (potato)  is not acid, but alkaline. When acid and alkaline come into contact with each other – they neutralize each other.

What is going to happen to this food?

The body has to secrete more and more digestive juices. This takes time and energy. As a matter of fact, several hours go by as the body is manufacturing all this digestive juice, and we begin to experience indigestion or heartburn. Most of the protein, being in the stomach for so long, has putrefied. Most of the carbohydrates has fermented. Because of the putrefaction and fermentation, there is gas, flatulence, more heartburn, acid indigestion, and you start taking Alka-Seltzer, Bromo Seltzer, Rolaids. The list goes on.

Nutrients affected in this way cannot be incorporated into healthy cell structure.
Food that has putrefied or fermented generates toxic acids in the body.
So, what is actually in the stomach is a mass of spoiled, rotting, foul-smelling food.
Finally the food, which has never been properly digested,
is simply moved out of the stomach by the peristaltic action of the intestines.
Thirty feet of intestines are being forced to cope with this rotten food.
This is why people are tired after a meal.
This is why people have no energy.
This is how constipation develops.
That food may take 8 hoursjust to get out of the stomach
and twenty to forty more to get through the intestines.
Mixing a protein with a starch simultaneously will cause the food to rot,
and rotten food CANNOT BE ASSIMILATED.

2. The reason that two proteins should not be mixed is that proteins are of such different character and complex composition  that the modifications necessary to meet the digestive requirements of more than one protein food is impossible. Therefore, both proteins putrefy  in the system. This does not mean that two different kinds of meat may not be eaten together or two different kinds of nuts may not be eaten together, or two different kinds of fish, but it certainly means that no two different proteins (e.g. fish and cheese) should be eaten simultaneously.

So, how do we maintain metabolic
balance while still enjoying our food?

Have meat with salad and vegetables
Have potatoes with salad and vegetables
Have fish with salad and vegetables
Have a pasta with garlic butter and salad and vegetables
Have cheese and chop it and put it in your salad

Proper food combination does not
prevent you from eating the foods
you like; you just shouldn’t eat them
all at the same time.


  Copyright 2008 The Road to Health and Vitality