Breakfast Cereals - Poison for Children


Breakfast cereals have never been more popular than they are today. Packed with vitamins and minerals, they promise power, health, and vitality, especially to the young generation. However, despite this “valuable” contribution to family health, a frightening number of children show signs of ill health and lack of immunity.

The food industry uses a large variety of solvents and chemicals to improve  the taste, color, and texture of its products. The common practice of producing food synthetically and making it “healthier” by adding synthetically derived vitamins and minerals is at the root of many health problems afflicting both children and adults in the developed world. Synthetically derived “nutrients” are foreign matter to both animals and humans alike. Making laboratory foods palatable and attractive does not mean they are harmless.

Most muesli mixtures or cereals with nuts and fruits in them contain the fruit preservative sulphur dioxide (E220), which can spark asthmatic attacks and is blacklisted by the Hyperactive Children Support Group in England. The cracked nuts react with  oxygen and turn rancid, a common source of allergies. The dried fruits in cereals develop moulds, which can interfere with vitamin and mineral absorption and suppress immunity. Crunchy or roasted oats contain sugar and inferior oils.

Hot breakfast cereals, which were  in common use before the era of cold, ready-made cereals, include cream of wheat, steel cut oats, the old fashioned porridge oats, rye flakes, millet, corn meal, cream of rice, etc.

Although they take more time to prepare than the ready-made cereals, at least you know what is in it.


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