What about margarine ?


Margarine, the fat that agribusiness spends millions a year to advertise, is the worst fat of all. Why? Because margarine is a trans fat, a fabricated food made from corn or soy-bean oil, which has been processed adding hydrogen atoms to its polyunsaturated fatty acids. This process is called hydrogenation. The end product is a fat that is more saturated, which means it is soft or solid at room temperature.

Research shows that people who consumed margarine had the highest number of heart attacks. Further studies revealed that heart attack patients had consumed the least amounts of animal fats. Those who died from an attack were found to have many more of the harmful fatty acids, which are derived from the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils of margarine, in their fat tissue than those who survived. These so-called “faulty” fats (trans fatty acids) envelop the cellular membranes, including those of the heart and the heart arteries. These practically starve the cells of oxygen, nutrients, and water, and eventually kill them.

In another comprehensive study, a higher risk of heart diseases is observed in patients who consumed margarine, crisps, biscuits, cakes, and white bread, all of which contain “faulty” fatty acids.


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