“Light-Foods” – Non-physiological food


Light-food has become extremely popular in industrialized nations. Consumers feel relieved that the new food is fat-free and without sugar and instead, contains fat substitutes, water and artificial sweeteners. This saves massive amounts of calories. And by adding artificial flavours to the food and using other forms of chemical manipulation, the taste buds believe that it is the real thing. Man seems to have finally succeeded in creating the ideal food for man; at least this is what the majority of consumers have started to believe.

Light butter or light margarine, fat-free chips, diet-friendly crisps or cholesterol lowering tortillas are all  pseudo-fat. It seems wonderful to be able to have all these “naughty” foods and not become fat or risk heart disease. The problem with this non-physiological food is its side effects.

Pseudo-fat is as indigestible as plastic, which means it comes out completely unaltered. One of the more serious side effects of such products is that they are capable of removing the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K from the body as they pass through the intestinal tract. Apart from removing vitamins from the body pseudo-fat also reduces the absorption of carotenoids that help us to prevent cancer, heart disease, and strokes.

Pseudo-fats cannot fool even animals. When the fat replacement was fed to dogs for 20 months, their weight had not decreased but increased.
Light Foods Deplete Energy

Scientists were surprised when they discovered that children whose diet included light-foods had actually increased their appetites and started eating more to balance the loss of energy caused by the light-foods.
But light-foods are not only energy depleting and dissatisfying. Refined, processed, chemically treated foods contain no life energy, which is the type of energy the body needs to help digest food.

The producers of light-foods know all that. Since light-foods have become available in the supermarkets, the sales of normal foods have increased too. If light-food had the effect of curbing appetites and reducing the consumption of ordinary foods, you can take it for granted that light-products would have never made it into the food market.

These man-made foods have certainly not been made available to create a healthier population.

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