Dieting Without Hunger


A general rule is to eat the amount that makes you feel comfortable. That’s the amount – whatever it may be – that satisfies your hunger with a variety of delicious foods.

You will do that by:
cutting out the refined carbohydrates, refined oils,
fat, and refined flour from your diet

and substituting
protein, natural fat and complex carbohydrates.

Your appetite will be quickly satisfied without even having to think about calories,
much less count them.
Overeating becomes almost impossible.

Your body can store only a couple thousand calories of carbohydrates as glycogen. When that gets used up, your body automatically switches over to burning your stored fat. All the fat-mobilizing enzymes and hormones your body puts out when the switch takes place combine to cut down your appetite and reduce hunger. By eating intelligently as we mentioned above, you’ll fill up quickly on tasty, satisfying, and nutrient-dense food.

Evolution is very slow process, however.
Your body is perfectly adapted to eat the foods that were the mainstays
of existence for the vast length of human history:
fruits, vegetables, protein and fats from meat and fish
and unrefined carbohydrates from plant foods.

  Copyright 2008 The Road to Health and Vitality