In stores today everything is neatly pre-packaged. Because of the tremendous competition, all the producers nowadays try to please the consumer, and do everything for the consumer’s convenience. The only problem with this ‘convenient’ dietary regime is, that is very harmful to Man. Do you consider it ‘convenient’ to get those lifeless frozen or tinned foods, or water that is half-dead? Not to mention all ready-made foods, deplete from enzymes or “light foods”. These man-made foods have certainly not been made available to create a healthier population. Despite what you may hear, our health is deteriorating year by year. We are fatter and sicker than ever  before. We are taking more and more drugs each year. If these ‘convenient’ foods and drugs could give us better health, we would already be better.


“All system under a technocratic way of living invariably work only for themselves.”

By presenting a portion of truth – only for the mind – in their treatises, they deliberately lead people away from the most important thing.

Watching TV, reading newspapers and glossy magazines is simply an image before your eyes, an image created by the dogmas of the technocratic world.
Mass media work. Like Edward Bernays said: " The people must be controlled without them knowing it. "

“In our world, there are a multitude of sources of sound on all sides,
all of them claiming to be Truth and trying to control your mind and will,
to make your life suit their own purposes, but you are free to listen to them or not to listen.
Each one must learn to make sense of things, to determine what is true, with his own soul.
When we admit the thought we are not a perfect creation,
when we believe that there are other more perfect worlds in the Universe,
that means we are accepting ourselves as imperfect – imperfect creations of God.
Mentally superior to ourselves means mentally superior to God”.

Vladimir Megre “Co-creation”

Copyright 2008 The Road to Health and Vitality