A Positive Mental Attitude

Life is full of events that are beyond our control. However, we do have control over our response to these events. Our attitude goes a long way in determining how we view and respond to all of the challenges of life. You will be much happier, healthier, and more successful if you adopt a positive mental attitude than if you have a pessimistic view.

Anything that enters our body (microcosm) can exert three possible effects on the organism

  1. It can act as food. This nourishes the organism
  2. It can act as medicine. This balances the organism
  3. It can act as poison. This disturbs the organism.

Similarly, thought also enters your microcosm. Thought can be positive or negative and will influence your being. Goods thoughts cheer you up. Bad thoughts will poison you and decrease your good feelings.

There is no doubt that a connection exists between body and mind
– that the ways we think, feel, dream,
and imagine are manifested in our complex chemical circuitry.

The quality of our blood changes according to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Negative thoughts create toxic blood whereas happy thoughts make healthy blood. Fearful thoughts, for example fill your blood with adrenaline, loving thoughts flood it with interleukins. Both literally move your heart but with contrary effects. The adrenaline-shot causes panic to the heart, the interleukin-shot creates emotions of happiness in the heart and protects you against cancer.

A positive mental attitude is absolutely essential if we want to live life to the fullest. It is also essential to propel us to be best that we can be.

For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death food.
For everything which kills  your food, kills your bodies also.
And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also.
And your bodies become what your foods are,
even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are”.

The road to Self-Actualization

Self-actualization doesn’t happen all at once. It happens by degrees – subtle changes accumulating one by one. Self-actualization begins by taking personal responsibility for your own positive mental state, your life, your current situation, and your health. Once you take on this responsibility, it is up to you to direct your life. You must commit yourself to being the best you can be at whatever you do in life.

There is no purpose in suffering except as a guide to your truth. Feeling easy with your emotions means that you want get so entangled in other people’s. Instead of blaming the ones who hurt you, you will be able to forgive.

Everyone has something-or someone-who has “done him wrong”. But nothing is gained by continuing a feeling of ill toward the other person. It has been shown that grudges and hatred toward anyone have actually caused many illnesses such as cancer, heart attacks, colitis etc., besides the more common weight problem. Forgiveness is clearing the mind of negativity. It is releasing a negative motion. That’s why we shouldn’t be intolerant or angry, we shouldn’t underrate or judge others in our hearts.
Negative feelings are never justified because we can avoid them:

When we aspire to positive thing around us
When we control our thoughts
When we go through life step by step.

A strong sense of personal freedom,
coupled with personal happiness is critical
in surviving in good health to a ripe old age.

Copyright 2008 The Road to Health and Vitality