It is estimated that over 90% of disease is attributable directly or indirectly to an unhealthy digestive tract. As Dr. Bernard Jensen puts it:

“Every tissue is fed by the blood, which is supplied by the bowel.
When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty, and so on the organs and tissues

it is the bowel the invariably has to be cared for the first before
any effective healing can take place.”

Your digestive system is your lifeline to good health!

That is why this program starts with a gentle natural stimulant to assure that you are having 4-5 bowel movements per day before starting liver cleanse.



Oxy-Powder is the most advanced, scientifically correct colon cleanse there is. Oxy-Powder in unlike other colon cleansers. It uses a proprietary process of creating oxides of magnesium. The 15 – 20 pounds of compacted fecal matter inside your colon is liquefied and flushed out.
Oxy-Powder is a specifically designed compound which has been ozonated and stabilized to release beneficial free monatomic oxygen into intestinal tract and body. The time-release delivery ensures that Oxy-Powder will provide an adequate amount of oxygen, slowly, for better utilization by the body. Oxy-Powder is also harmless to the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Natural citric acid has been added to facilitate oxygen release.

Cleansing with Oxy-Powder can:

  • Help Restore and Maintain Regularity
  • Cleanse, Refresh, and Detoxify
  • Eliminate Waste Clogging Your Colon
  • Promote Renewed Vitality
  • Promote A Healthy Immune System
  • Aids in Efficient, Easy Bowel Movements
  • Promote Maximum Absorption Of Vital Nutrients

Oxy-Powder helps to gently cleanse, flush, and detoxify your colon without the dangerous and
embarrassing side effects of laxatives and herbal colon cleansers!

Oxy-Powder is a non-toxic, safe, effective, non-allergic.
No side effects like laxatives.
Oxy-Powder is also harmless to the good bacteria in the intestinal tract.
Natural citric acid has been added to facilitate oxygen release.
Used by doctors and therapists worldwide.

By using Oxy-Powder, you can melt away or oxidize the compaction from the small intestine,
large intestine and colon safe and effectively.

This is important because a clean intestinal tract is the beginning of obtaining optimal health!

When intestinal tract is fully cleansed the urine will become cloudy and the stools will become semi-solid. When this occurs we recommend staying with a maintenance dose. This will help to provide oxygen directly into the bloodstream. Guess what? Everyone on this planet is oxygen deficient. The amount of available oxygen in the air is declining at a rapid rate. There are only four source of oxygen today. The plankton of the ocean, which supplies 70% of the Earth’s oxygen is being destroyed by oil spills and dumping of toxic chemicals in our oceans. Second, the trees and vegetation are being destroyed and cut down to make room for our growing population. Third, fruits and vegetables are being genetically engineered and full of pesticides and insecticides. And the last source of oxygen is through lightening which produces ozone. Since our sky is filled with fossil fuels, hydrocarbons, and millions of other toxic chemicals, this leaves us all oxygen deficient.  By staying on a Maintenance Dosage of Oxy-Powder you keep your intestinal tract clean and provide your body with much needed oxygen

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness


  • What symptoms might I experience while taking the Oxy-Powder?

Oxy-Powder will cause watery, gaseous stools. This is not diarrhea; this is by-product of oxidation. Remember we are turning a solid into a liquid or gas. To help the cleansing it is advised to drink at least 2 L. of purified water daily while taking the Oxy-Powder even though there has never been a documented case of dehydration or electrolyte imbalances. You may experience some temporary lower bowel cramping due to the gas build up, mild headache, maybe fatigue. All will be temporary and resolve as soon as the toxins are expelled.

  • Do I need particular diet while taking Oxy-Powder?

Yes. Try to eat a healthy food based on your blood type diet as well as increasing water content. Try to avoid or eliminate any carbonated beverages, caffeine or alcohol. Eliminate  your intake of sugar, fried foods, white flour. Our recommended diet is to eat fresh fruit in the morning, salad and protein containing meal for lunch, and salad and carbohydrate for early dinner.

  • Is Oxy-Powder habit forming?

No, Oxy-Powder is non-habit forming. The bowel will not become dependent on Oxy-Powder.

  • What makes Oxy-Powder different from other colon cleanser?

First of all it is a full intestinal cleanser, it is designed to clean, oxidize and reduce the amount of impaction and hard fecal matter in the small intestine, large intestine and colon. It is only colon cleanser that provides oxygen into the bloodstream and bowel and does so in a natural and non-toxic way. The average person by the age of 40 has between 10-20 pounds of hard compacted fecal matter lodged in their intestinal tract. Our intestinal tract is 30-35 feet in length and if you cut it open and spread it out, the surface area is the size of a tennis court. In order to clean the digestive tract you must turn that solid compaction into a liquid or gas, using time-released oxygen (oxidation/reduction). This is what the Oxy-Powder will do. By using Oxy-Powder you can melt away or oxidize the compaction from the small intestine, large intestine and colon, safe and effectively. This is important because a clean intestinal tract is the beginning of optimal health. Other cleansers focus on the colon and stimulate mucous production instead of breaking down hard fecal matter.

  • The initial cleanse

The capsules are best taken nightly, before bed, as to give the capsules the benefit of a slow passage through gastrointestinal tract. This way, the slow release capsules can have a better chance of working on the compaction, and should have finished their job by the time you wake. How many capsules to take it depends of people’s size, weight, tolerance etc. (Contact your therapist to put you on proper dose). The idea is for the bowel movement to be almost pure liquid. It should almost be like passing water. Normally we can except between 4 – 7 watery stools. If you do not achieve that, you need to take more capsules next night. When you achieve that, then this is your dosage for one week.  We suggest squeezing a lemon into the glass taken with the Oxy-Powder  in the evening for better absorption. To help the cleansing process, it is advised to drink at least 2 liter of water daily while taking the Oxy-Powder.

  • How long should I continue to take Oxy-Powder after the initial cleanse?

We recommend you continue the rest of your life, due to the extensive studies showing disease starts in the intestinal lining and colon.
For example: If you were taking 8 capsules per day for the first week cleanse, you would take this amount every other day for second week. Third week you would take same amount every third day. It is extremely beneficial to continue on a maintenance dosage once per week in order to maintain a healthy bowel.
With the poor choice of foods we have today, it is a good idea to always keep the intestinal lining and colon clean. We also have a shortage of oxygen in the air we breathe, which has been declining steadily over time. This means everybody on the planet is oxygen deficient. This is why we recommend continuing Oxy-Powder to help you prevent disease and supply the body with much needed oxygen.

  • How often should I repeat the Oxy-Powder Initial cleanse?

This depends on what your diet consist of and how you feel. If you are constipated, having headaches, over weight, experience mood swings, decreased energy levels, emotional stress etc. please contact your therapist to put you on the proper dose and to balance your P.H. of the blood.

  • An alternative way to take the Oxy-Powder

If you have experience difficulty with swallowing capsules, you can open the capsules and pour contents into water.  Or you can open the capsules and pour contents into little yogurt. To neutralize taste drink one glass of water with juice of one lemon.

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Real “Bowel Cleanse” can take from a few days to many years. It all depends on how healthy your digestive tract is.

If your bowel is unhealthy, just using a single product or an enema or series of colonics usually is not enough. You must improve your diet, you must improve your lifestyle, you must do a parasite cleansing and also you should flush your liver at least 6- 12 times, so the whole process may take you up to a year or longer.

The more antibiotics you have consumed during your life… the longer time it may take you to heal your bowel.

The more preservatives and other junk foods you have consumed, the longer time it may take you to heal your bowel.
This is especially true for people who have been exposed to antibiotics and junk food from early age.

Bowel movements are the basis of your health. If you do not have at least one bowel movement per day, you are already walking your way toward disease.

It is not important if your bowel is clean or dirty!

It is not important if you have or not mucoid plaque inside your bowel!

Everyone Benefit from Bowel Cleanse!

It improves your health and your well-being!

Especially people who have intestinal parasites, candidiasis, people who suffer from allergies, underweight, digestive problems, “incurable disease”…….

Bowel Program

Bacteria are always at the root of bowel problems, such as pain, bloating and gassiness.
Although most bowel bacteria are beneficial, the ones that are not, are extremely detrimental because they have the ability to invade the rest of your body and colonize a trauma site or weakened organ. These same bacteria colonize a cancer tumor and delay healing after the malignancy stop.

Another reason bowel bacteria are so hard to eradicate is that we are constantly reinfecting ourselves by keeping a reservoir on our hands and under our fingernails.

  • So the first thing to do is improve sanitation. For a serious problem, use 50% grain alcohol (100 proof vodka) ina spray  bottle at the bathroom sink. Sterilize your hands after bathroom use and before meals.
  • Secondly use turmeric (2 capsules 3 times a day, this is the common spice) which helps against Shigella, as well as E. coli. Expect orange colored stool.
  • Third use fennel (1 capsule 3 times a day)
  • Fourth use digestive enzyme tablets with meals as directed on the bottle. (But only as long as necessary, because these frequently harbor molds.
  • Fifth use a single 2 tsp. dose of Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength. Add it to a ½ glass of water and drink it on empty stomach.
  • Sixth, take colon cleanser if you are constipated.  Remember to drink a cup of hot water upon rising in the morning. This will begin to regulate your elimination.

It can take all six to get rid of a bad Shigella problem in a week. Afterward you must continue to eat only sterile dairy products. Note that the Kidney Cleanse is often effective with bowel problems. Try it also.

You will know you succeeded when your tummy is flat, there is not a single gurgle, and your mood improves!
Quoted from Dr. Clark’s book  “The Cure For All Disease”

In my practice, I have seen that Black Walnut Tincture, Turmeric and Colon cleanser (Oxy-Powder) do just fine for most people.


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