KIDNEY – The Master Purifier

The great neurologist Dr. Wagner-Jauregg said in his writings: “two thirds of all mentally ill would not go to a mental home had they healthy kidneys”

The kidneys are very delicate, blood-filtering organs that easily get congested through poor digestion, stress and irregular life-style.

Rudolf Breus  - Tea  for Kidney Cleansing

15 g. Horsetail (Eguisetum arvense)
10 g. Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)
8 g.  Kontgrass (Polygonum aviculare)
6 g. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Pour 125 ml of boiling water over 1 tea spoon of the herbal mixture and leave it for 10 minutes. Filter the tea. To the residue of the tea add 250 ml (2 cups) of hot water and boil for 10 minutes at the low temperature. Add this tea to the first one and drink 1 cup of the quantity 3 times a day.

Tea particular herbal mixture contains six important substances; five ingredients are not resistant to the boiling point, and the sixth, which is an acid, can be extracted only by boiling the residue on the low temperature for additional 10 minutes. That’s why we have to treat the same herbs twice – in order to get necessary substances.

The tea should be drunk only for 3 weeks, and than, after 2 weeks brake, can be used again. This therapy can be used three to four times per year, but only with brake of the minimum 2 weeks.

Never add sugar or any other sweetener.
The tea can be consumed warm or cold, 3 times a day: 1 cup first thing in the morning, 1 cup before lunch and 1 before dinner.

Support the kidneys during the cleanse by drinking extra amounts of water or fresh parsley tea. A minimum of 6-8 glasses per day.


A homeopathic remedy is Stinging Nettle Essence which can be recommended. It is available at special chemists and health food stores.


“There are probably dozens of herbs that can dissolve kidney crystals and stones. Remember that vitamin B6 and magnesium, taken daily, can prevent oxalate stones from forming. But only if you stop drinking tea. Tea has 15,6 mg oxalic acid per cup. A tall glass of iced tea could give you over 20 mg oxalic acid. Switch to herbs tea. Cocoa and chocolate, also, have too much oxalic acid to be used as beverages.
Remember, too, that phosphate crystals are made when you eat too much phosphate. Phosphate levels are high in meats, breads, cereals, pastas, and carbonated drinks. Eat less of these, and increase your fruits and vegetables intake. Drink at least 2 pints of water a day”
Dr Hulda R. Clark “Cure For All Disease”


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